Catching up...

Our first class meeting was on Monday, 21 September--almost a week ago as I write this blog. We had some 42 persons on-line (on-Zoom?) all at once all the way from San Diego, California in the USA to Islamabad, Pakistan.

As a precaution I reserved the first two 50-minute sessions to make sure everyone made it on-line and to sort out any technological glitches, but it all

went very smoothly. Thank you to all the participants!

I meant to put a post up right away, but the week went! I think I will try to schedule posts for Saturdays to allow for news and also announcements for the next week.

Regarding Canvas our Learning Management System:

  • Registrants should reply to the invitation sent to your email so that you may access the course on Canvas.

  • Right now, I am only utilizing the Modules portal (on the left). You should find there the various Sessions of the course (e.g., "Unit I, Session 5- Hermeneutics").

  • All of the content is downloadable, including the power points. Use the "Session" page as a guide for the presentation and for seeing important terms, etc. Use the Quiz to check your understanding of the reading assigned and the Quiz Key for the quiz answers.

I'm hoping that the LMS is working out for everyone; let me know of any issues.

Materials for Monday 28 September (Unit I, Sessions 4, 5, 6) has all been placed on Canvas.


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