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Saturday, 3 October. I have been working on getting the material posted for next week, so I am shifting mental gears back to the present in writing this week's blogpost. This coming Monday (10/5) will be our second meeting with three 50-minute sessions. This week we will complete the Unit 1 material on Introduction and the the Isagogics of the Old Testament. On deck are presentations on the historical books ("The History of Israel"), the wisdom and poetry books ("Israel's Wisdom and Poetry Literature"), and an overview of the prophets ("The Prophets"). The class will get an overview of the scope of the literature in each session with an emphasis on seeing OT history in eras, an introduction to Hebrew poetry and to the foci of the wisdom books, and to understanding the prophets--major and minor--in their historic "clusters." That's a lot of material, but then, this is merely an introduction!

In first publishing our course schedule I note I have made an error in listing October 5 twice so that there was a fictitious additional week! That has been corrected and the schedule reworked; the corrected schedule is available on Canvas.

I am not utilizing Canvas beyond placing each session's material in its own "module" because of the steep learning curve in getting to know Canvas' capabilities. As a "beta" (i.e., trial) course, Introduction to Theology is a chance for the participants to "taste and see." For us on the management and instruction side it's a chance to practice and learn with an eye to the bigger project ahead, the Bachelor's of Theology (B.Th.) curriculum we hope to launch in Spring 2021. Hopefully our present course will benefit everyone according to our various desires and goals.

Monday draws near with another chance to engage across 14 time zones! The Lord bless you and our efforts together.


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