Sorry to have been so long...

I looked at the date of the last post and realized it's time for an update concerning the Introduction to Theology course.

Actually, we have made a good deal of progress toward our opening session on 21 September.

First, the Introduction to Theology page of this website has a new button that will take you to the final version of the syllabus. There are some important changes and the addition of information.

We have settled on our platform: we will be using Zoom for the actual sessions of the class. Registrants will be sent a Zoom link invitation for sessions which correlates our "broadcast time" in the GMT +2 zone to whatever time zone you are located, which will make class times easier to keep in mind.

In addition, we will be using Canvas as our "Learning Management System" or LMS. Canvas is free for you to use and will be the place where everything connected with course will be accessed. You will find there the "Sessions Pages" that will outline each session of our class (remember, there are 3 sessions every Monday); collateral readings will be accessed from Canvas (but not the course texts!) and quizzes to help you check your comprehension. My presentations will likewise be placed on Canvas for you to review. I will be giving specific information about accessing Canvass in a while.

Now, full disclosure: I am learning Canvas, too, so we will all be learning how to use it together. I ask for your patience and promise you mine as we go forward!

Please check in on this website for more communication and check your email. This is quite an undertaking: we are gathering students of God's Word from all around the EU, and beyond. So, say a prayer, too, that our Lord will bless our efforts.


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